Photo: Pernille Bille Tvedt

Solid experience hosting large jamborees

Since 2012, Danish Scouts and Guides have organized three national "Spejdernes Lejr" Jamborees in 2012, 2017, and 2022, drawing over 35,000 participants on average, with 10 percent from other countries. These events gave us valuable experience with hosting large-scale gatherings in Denmark.

Looking forward, with upcoming Jamborees in 2026 and 2030, we're strategically preparing for the potential hosting of the 27th World Scout Jamboree in case our bid is accepted. Many Danes have actively participated in planning recent World Scout Jamborees, gaining practical knowledge that could be applied if Denmark hosts the 27th edition.

We've learned from experiences, particularly from the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden, that an international Jamboree requires a different approach than a national one. This awareness guides our program and organization, ensuring a truly multicultural and international World Scout Jamboree in Denmark.

Photo: Elena Sofie Møberg

Spejdernes Lejr 2012

The first Spejdernes Lejr was held in 2012 in Holstebro in Northern Jutland. Before this joint camp, each organization had a tradition of hosting their own Jamborees. This first unified camp for all five organizations lasted for 9 days and had more than 37,000 participants.

Photo: Johan Stauner Bill

Spejdernes Lejr 2017

The second Spejdernes Lejr was held in Sønderborg in the southern Jutland. More than 37,000 participants took part with over 4,600 international scouts from 44 countries. The theme for the camp was “leaving traces” and to symbolize this a 12 meter high and 34 meters wide observation tower in the shape of a hiking boot was built by volunteer scouts. The tower still stands in Sønderborg today for the locals to use. 

Photo: Frederik Kehlet

Spejdernes Lejr 2022

Spejdernes lejr in 2022 was held in Hedeland and hosted by three bordering municipalities. 35,000 scouts took part and this time more than 5,000 international scouts from 52 countries participated. The camp offered a wide educational programme and activities, and volunteer scouts had built a structure with 22 scout tents surrounding the main stage. 

How are we organized in Denmark?

Denmark has had scouts and guides for more than 100 years and the scouting and guiding movement is the largest youth organization in the country with over 70,000 members!

Scouting and guiding in Denmark consists of five independent and internationally recognized organizations all working to promote scouting values and creating a better world. All five member organizations have a strong financial foundation, experience in large-scale events and camps and a solid and stabile organizational structure. 

Since 2015 all five organizations have been collaborating under the umbrella organization “Spejderne” (The guides and scouts of Denmark) to ensure that scouting has a larger impact on Danish society and an even stronger voice for youth. 

The World Scout Jamboree 2031 in Denmark will be hosted by Spejderne with support from all five organizations and representing all Danish scouts and guides.  

Spejderne, as an organization, already has extensive experience in planning and hosting large-scale camps and projects, which has resulted in a financially sustainable organization with a strong organizational structure and a tradition of including youth and partner organizations. Spejderne is also supported by the Danish Youth Council (DUF), Danish authorities, cultural institutions and many foundations.

Photo: Elena Sofie Møberg
Photo: Frank R. Larsen

What is scouting in Denmark like?

We're proud of our scouting tradition, which involves camping in tents, cooking over open fires, and working in patrols. These core elements were introduced in the 1924 World Scout Jamboree we hosted and have since been embraced in scouting subsequent events all over the world.

Our approach emphasizes youth leading youth, giving young people significant responsibilities. We value volunteer participation and leadership development. 

Denmark's scouting history is rich, shaped by camp life and a commitment to adventure scouting. Our community has grown, welcoming diverse members who contribute to our vibrant tapestry. One remarkable chapter in this journey is the creation of Youth Island, which stands as a testament to our commitment to providing a vibrant and engaging space for the youth, becoming a hub of inspiration and connection. 

Our maritime tradition involves scouting at sea, turning waves into classrooms and ships into vessels of discovery. This unique experience not only instills a love for the sea but also imparts valuable life skills.

In Denmark, scouting is more than a tradition; it's a dynamic adventure. As we sail into the future, our focus on community, resilience, and the spirit of adventure remains strong.

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