The 27 World

Scout Jamboree

in 2031

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Our vision

We dream of creating a World Scout Jamboree in 2031 that will be remembered by its participants for setting new standards in relation to youth engagement, sustainability, cultural exchange, and engaging and innovative activities.

Our dream is to have a Jamboree that:

  • Empowers youth to develop skills to CREATE a better world
  • Enables scouts to INFLUENCE and advocate for social, enviornmental, and personal change
  • Reinvents ways of empowering volunteers and to promote VOLUNTEERs as a tool for positive change in the world

If our bid for the 27th World Scout Jamboree is accepted, we will use our comprehensive experience with creating large jamborees to ensure that each participants will experience a well-functioning, eye-opening and multicultural community that can positively change the world – together.

Strong official support

... we believe that Denmark would provide a valuable context for the activities that take place at the World Scout Jamboree. Further to this, it would be a great honour for Danish associations and for the Danish people to welcome you to Denmark once again.  

Denmark has considerable experience in hosting major international events, and you can be assured of the Ministry of Culture’s and the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s full support to the event. Furthermore, we want to make the process of obtaining visas to enter the country as smooth as possible.

Letter of support from the Minister of Culture and Minister of Foreign Affairs (photo). 07.20.2023.
Photo: Johny Kristensen

Photos from Jamboree Denmark 2022

A sustainable Jamboree

We are planning on using the same campsite for the 27th World Scout Jamboree as for our national jamboree the year before and are therefore able to reuse much of the infrastructure for a jamboree of this size. Furthermore, we will be able to test the area and learn from the experiences from our national -jamboree with 35,000 participants how to further improve the campsite for the 27th World Scout Jamboree.

Denmark is as a frontrunner for the green transition, and one of the reasons for this is that our public utilities are from sustainable sources such as wind energy, recycling of grey wastewater, public transportation and renovation.

We are therefore confident that we are able to make the most sustainable World Scout Jamboree that has ever been hosted.
Photo:Foreningen Spejderne

Opening ceremony at Jamboree Denmark 2022

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