Frequently Asked Questions

Photo: Asbjørn Kobberø

Find the frequently asked questions about the Danish bid for the 27th World Scout Jamboree

General questions

How can I participate?
What benefits will Jamboree participants receive?
What benefits will volunteers receive?
When will the 27th World Scout Jamboree be held?
What is the age requirement for participants?
What is a World Scout Jamboree?

Getting there

How do I get to Denmark?
How can I visit the Jamboree?
What are the visa and entry requirements to Denmark?

Life at camp

Is Denmark a safe place and how will you ensure a safe campsite?
What if I have special dietary needs?
Will there be handicap toilets?
How fast will the internet connection be?
What kinds of activities will be prepared?
How will you dispose of waste?
How will I travel within the campsite?

Planning proces

Can I be part of the planning team for the Jamboree?

Organisational structure

How will you ensure youth involvement in the process?
How will you ensure a diverse planning team of the Jamboree?
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