Photo: Maja Kongegaard Bramm

How could it look?

The International Service Team (ISTs) and adult leaders play a crucial role in the success of the World Scout Jamboree and Scouting worldwide. We highly value the spirit of volunteering and see the Jamboree as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the incredible efforts of volunteers globally. The 27th World Scout Jamboree will feature a comprehensive program tailored to meet the needs and interests of ISTs and Adult Leaders during their well-deserved time off.

Our main focus at the Jamboree is to provide ISTs with opportunities to take breaks and recharge. We will also offer guidance and practical examples to Adult Leaders on balancing their responsibilities, while fully enjoying the camp.

For Adult Leaders, the option to participate in activities is available if they choose. Recognizing that ISTs and Adult Leaders are at the core of the scouting community, we are dedicated to ensure that they not only fulfill their roles, but also have a memorable and enriching experience at the Jamboree. This balance will empower them to return to their local communities with renewed enthusiasm and dedication to the Scouting movement.

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